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Site Usage Policy

Site SoloLink is a website that links to links that pay money to the short link .

How to work on the site ?

  1. Create an account in a very easy way .
  2. You Enter your account and place the link you want to shorten .
  3. Post the link on Social Media .

How to calculate the visit ?

  1. The visitor must skip the Captcha .
  2. Waiting and pressure skipped .
  3. And then calculate the visit profits .

When to pay the site ?

The site pays when you reach your payment limit .

The payment schedule varies according to the location policies and the payment may be (daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) .

Information is very important

 The SoloLink website does not pay you money for visitors to use any website for visitors or visitors 

(VPN - Rabbit - VPS - Proxy Changer)

Your account is locked forever without a talk and remember that .

The accounts are reviewed periodically and manually .

The site of SoloLink depends on the sites advertised in it such as : 



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